Since 1995 MEHAYO has been supported by many different international organisations, institutes, schools and private individuals. Each of them has contributed in a different way towards the development of MEHAYO.

Sometimes it took the form of financial contributions, while others volunteered their time and knowledge.

Volunteers came from the following organisations:

ETVO-This Finnish organisation sends young professionals or students overseas to learn about other cultures through voluntary work. It has sent us 30 volunteers since 1988. In1999 history was made when Samuel Ngido, a MEHAYO staff member was sent to Finland in a reciprocal arrangement, followed in 2003 by a second person, Sensinatus Makuwa.

ASA -This is a German based organisation with much the same goal as ETVO. Its support began in 2002. Since that time we have received two qualified carpenters, plumbers, or bricklayers annually to help with the maintenance of our centre in Mazimbu as well the construction of the new one in Mkundi.

It also offers a staff exchange programme. Yohana Sembuche and
James Kusaga both got the opportunity to visit Germany for three months.

FREDSCORPSE -NORWAY- The Akershus University College for Social Education is our partner in Norway . Its aim is to improve our level of trained staff. It supplied two Norwegian social workers for a year to run an on the job training programme for the staff at our centre.

Other volunteers- We have also had several volunteers from Finland , Italy , the Netherlands , Norway and Germany who stayed with us for different lengths of time and offered a variety of services.

We warmly welcome enquiries from everybody who would like information on the ways in which they can support us with our future plans.