At the end of May the MEHAYO Art Centre was presenting her product on the
renomated Art Fair TANZHANDS at the Canadian residence in Dar es Salaam. It was a great success. Besides a good turnover, new contacts were made.

Art Fair International School Morogoro
On the 20th of May the Art Centre was attending the Art Fair at the
International School in Morogoro. Here as well the products of the art centre were very well received.
Besides the sale the MEHAYO band and dancing group performed a fantastic show. The visitors were very enthusiastic and complimented the group upon their great performance. Besides good pubilicity the Fair was so successful  that speaker boxes and a microphone could be purchased!!
At the 30st of June Imke Roemermann left MEHAYO centre. In January 2006 she came to MEHAYO as a volunteer and started the Art Centre. She has done a marvelous job by learning the pupils new skills and giving them confidence and self esteem.
With great enthusiasme the pupils learned how to make oillamps, cards and bags with a very personal and modern touch. After some marketing and visiting fairs, the products are now sold all over Tanzania! With the income that has been generated of the art products, the centre was able to renovate the hostels, repair the water supply, secured a small medical budget and finance the paralympics.
Imke thank you very much for the great contribution to MEHAYO Centre. We all hope that after the great start you made with the Art Centre the staff of MEHAYO will continue on its own.
NCC donated old tires.
The company NCC, a Swedish road constructor, was so kind to let MEHAYO have load of old tires. They are very welcome to renovate the children's playground. With the tires a sandpit, a seesaw and 2 swings were created!!!